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Series 2: A lookback...

 3 years later.......... 

umm.. hi guyz. lol. I was looking through this place and noticed I never posted the winner for the special challenge on icon pairs. Probably pointless to most by now, but oh wellz. =P 

First Place: hikarisenshi 

In any case, if anyone was ever curious, the person closest to winning with a lvl 19, a tons of summons and already in Master Form is Sephiroth, who incidentally is hikarisenshi 
Coming in second is Axel, played by anniereckless 
and third is Cait Sith, played by adventcloud87 

I gotta say I loved the creativity put into all the icons and the challenges, but the calculation and  the complexity of this was a killer xD 
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Pardon me, but I'm going to have to put this community on hiatus. I'm swamped with tests, homework and college application and whanot. I started working on part of the battle log but I still haven't had found time to finish them all, and I don't want to run off again wihout letting you guys know. I barely have time to come onto LJ these days =(  (except during work.. *coughcough*)

But here are the critiques for your icons [here]
I really wanted to finish the battle log, but since I couldn't, I think the best measure is to currently put this community on hiatus.

Again, sorry for all the disappointment, I'm actually very disappointed myself. I was hopign to at least finish up before I get all busy, but apparently time ran short on me.

I don't know if I can come back and continue to run this, but just so you know, margyy is still around. So um, if you have any suggestions what we can do from here on out, let us know!

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Series 2: The- do you want your own LV 3 summon- draw

Unfortunately, I can't post the results for the voting yet. We simply are lacking in votes, so please go [vote] if you haven't.
Voting for bonus round is also up, please go check it out.

Meanwhile, here's a short and risky lucky draw. 
They are powerful and fetch an insane amount of gils should you decide to sell them.

Not Available
Level 3
Revive - Restore user from KO status will FULL HP.
Kills half of the people remaining in the battlefield including other bounty hunters. (Scary!!) Prepare Phoenix down the moment you see someone owning this summon!
This one might make you drool maybe? But of course it's ultra ultra rare.

Here's how to enter:
Entering price is: 500 gils

You do not win the summon. Instead, you will be able to purchase them at the shop (at the stated price, naturally) And you can only purchase the summon card assigned to you IF YOU WIN.

YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ONCE. Your luck ring/ luck abilites are useless. Your winning chance is 1/8. Good luck!

You do not need to pick any numbers. You just need to comment and state your character. (remember we take your gils immediately) If you win, you shall be notified.
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Slight Extension

Only half of you submitted, one of you have told me ahead of time that you're dropping out, but I haven't heard from the rest. So I'll just do a short extension till tomorrow afternoon and after that I'll just go ahead without waiting anymore.

and we still need more participants in the other areas, so do give it a go! ^_^
Submit icon: [here]
(open to all) Enter in carnival: [here]
(open to all) Enter in bonus round: [here]
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Series 2: #7 Lock & Key - Bonus round

This bonus round is entirely optional. Anyone may participate.

You have until Sunday October 20th, 10PM to submit.

You have to make an icon pair. And the characters in your icon must be related in some ways. Or if let's say you're doing scenery, make sure there's a connection there, just like a lock & a key. Okay?

Collapse )

What can you win?
The key to unlocking the FINAL FORM in your class.

Anyone may participate. This is to allow for more competition. For those of you not in the battle, you can treat this bonus round as an icontest. ^_^

Remember, your deadline is Sunday, not Friday. =D
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Series 2: #7 CARNIVAL

ANYONE MAY PARTICIPATE WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE CURRENTLY PLAYING. This is just for fun really, there isn't any icon-making involved xD
This week we are exploring:
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and another booth, just for the fun of it:
Collapse )

The Guessing booth is open to all participants and non-participants. The Slapping Booth is restricted to participants only.
If you are a non-participants, simply state your guess. It's just for fun. ^_^
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Series 2: #7 The Veiled Lady

Most of you wanted to continue, so here we are. And I don't want to make a lousy end, so I've decided to go as per normal. You can still use your skills, redeem AP and so on.

And I don't blame you if you have lost interest/wants to withdraw, just let me know for sure. ^_^
There is a new battle log [here]

Ultros: Oh finally, how lovely our organization look.
Tomato: Looks kinda weird to me ... anyways, no matter, it's time to fight!

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1) Don't post your submissions as replies to entries
2) If you change your icon, let me know. If you repost a new comment with your changed icon, delete the old one.
Please use the following codes to submit according to your respective classes. Delete any non-applicable fields.