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A Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts RPG-style contest
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Welcome to ff_kh_battle!

This is an elimination contest for both Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. This contest will run like RPG style so I hope you have lots of fun here! If you are a beginner, don't worry! We're all here to learn, so just pick a character and let's get started~!

What's different here?
Lots of things! You get to "play" as a character from Final Fantasy or kingdom hearts. And since this is run RPG style, there is, naturally character aspects related to RPG.

Need more info? Read the FAQ!

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ff_kh_battle is proud to be your first ever battle comm. Most battle communities run differently and very interestingly too!! And we always learn stuffs and share knowledge with each other when possible. =) You should check them out!


Submission Rules:
~Submit to the screened post and please follow instructions carefully.
~Do not display your icons anywhere until voting is over.
~Fanart and Doujinshis are not allowed unless specified. Official images only.
~Only Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy related images please!
~Animation, blending brushes etc. are fine.
~Must meet LJ requirements, 40kbs or below, 100x100px
~We're all here to have fun, please do not cheat by getting people to vote for you or use strategic voting.

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Submission deadlines are:
Fridays 11pm PST
If you will be away and need to submit late, please tell me and we'll try to work something out.